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How can I exchange one e-currency for another?

You can easily do it using our three-step exchange interface.

Step 1.
Start the transaction by filling in the exchange form. You can order exchange even if you are not registered.
You select the source and destination e-currencies, type in either of the amounts, destination account number and your e-mail.

Step 2. Check the details of your order, read and accept our User agreement, and confirm your order.

Step 3. You'll be redirected to the site of the e-currency system where you should make the payment. Also, you will get a confirmation email with the payment instructions and a link that you can use if you'd like to make the payment later. Please note that all the unpaid orders are cancelled in 1 hour.

You can check the status of your transaction as you log in and enter our Members area (you will find the password in the email that we will send to you upon the confirmation of your order).
Normally, you'll get your e-currency account funded within several minutes.

How can I sell or buy e-currency with you?

You must fill our currency order page: Buy e-currency

What does the commission I pay include?

After you have selected both the source and the destination e-currencies, you will see our commission displayed in the exchange form (it normally falls within the limits of 0-50%). Please take into account, however, that the commission total and, therefore, the final exchange rate include also the fees charged by the payment systems.

What status can my order have?

open - you have placed a new Order and you are welcome to make the specified spending.
received - we have received the money from you, according to your Order.
sent - we have sent money to the payee's account.
closed - your Order is completed.
manual_processing - your Order will be processed by operator.
cancelled - the Order is cancelled by the User's request.
expired - the Order has expired. This status is inherit from the status of 'open' if the User has not made the specified spending within the said period of time.
declined - in case if we suspect fraud or other violation of the User agreement, we reserve the right to decline the transaction.
refunded - the money has been returned to the User.

How many e-mails do I receive during the execution of an order?

Every time your order changes its status, our system informs of it by e-mail. Normally, this means that you receive three e-mails as follows:
Your Order has been accepted. The Order is Open.
We have received the money you sent us. The Order is being processed.
We have sent money to your destination account. The Order is complete

Why should I register at!

You can access our exchange services without registration and logging in into the member area but for being our affiliate, profile and receive our weekly newsletter you need to be registered.

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